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    Combine Calculated Dimension into Expression.

      Combine Calculated Dimension into Expression.


      I have a chart reporting correct data by using the following Calculated Dimension and Expresssion: I need to combine these two parts into a single expression but have run into a road block on how to combine them.


      I need to sum the metric in week2 for those who had more in week2 over week1.


      Working Chart:

      Calculated Dimension:



        IF(sum({1<FieldWeekStart = {'$(vWeek2)'},Vendor={'CompanyA'}>} $(vMetric))

        >=sum({1<FieldWeekStart = {'$(vWeek1)'},Vendor={'CompanyA'}>} $(vMetric)),'Growth'





      sum({1<FieldWeekStart = {'$(vWeek2)'},Vendor={'CompanyA'}>} $(vMetric))


      Message was edited by: Matt N I took a work around to get the data in the layout needed (Horizontal accumulation with two dimension.) Rangesum(Before(sum({1<FieldWeekStart = {'$(vWeek2)'},Vendor={CompanyA'}>} $(vMetric)),0,ColumnNo()))