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    Formula on both sides of the expression in the expression editor



      I have 3 columns: bdate, camnt and ramnt. I am trying to calculate the MTD sales based on these values.


      sales = (camnt - ramnt)


      However bdate is in a different format and requires a formula to be converted to date format:


      bdate1 = date(floor(bdate/ 86400 + 25569))


      Now my MTD expression looks something like this:


      Sum({<$(=date(floor(bdate/ 86400 + 25569))) = {">=$(=MonthStart(max(date(floor(bdate/ 86400 + 25569))))) <=$(=(max(date(floor(bdate/ 86400 + 25569)))))"}>} (camnt-ramnt))


      However, all I get is the sales for that particular date which I have selected and not the cummulative sales of that month till that date. Can someone please tell me what am I doing wrong here?