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    Questions regarding deployment of mash-ups

    Rodrigo Giner

      Hi, I made a mashup using Sense Desktop and is working fine if I use the preview in the workbench. But I have a couple of questions regarding of mashup deployments.:


      1- Why If I open the .html mashup directly from the folder the objects inside are not showed up. Is it because it "requieres" an IP and Port ?


      2- Is it posible to the move my mashup to another PC that doesn't have Sense Installed without the use of IFRAME? How ?


      3- Or even If I want to move my mashup to another folder, how can this be archived ?


      In the help files it says that you need to use IFRAME but my mashup is done vía DIVs ID. It there a way? or the solutions to the previous questions is to use IFRAME ?