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    Section Access and User Types in QMC

    Fredrik Quirin



      I have an Application with Section Access and I am trying to distribute this app with Publisher. On the "Distributor" tab, I have to select "User Type". If I select "all authenticated users", will it then be all users in my Active directories or only the users listed in the Section Access table of the QV app? Which user type is the best option together with Section Access?


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          Bill Britt



          "Authenticated"  would mean any user that has access to the AccessPoint and has a License. This could be an issue if you have session CALs. No, they wouldn't have access to any document that had section access, but it isn't a good practice to do.


          If you are using Section Access, you are looking to secure the document. I would only publish it to users that are listed in Section Access.



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              Fredrik Quirin

              Ok... so "Named User" is the best way to distribute a QVW with Section Access. Normally I am using an Active Directory Group with users that also are listed in Section Access, but is there a way to simplify the user management process? I mean, if you get a new user, I first have to add it to the AD group and than to the Section Access list (Section Access Management in QMC).