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    Future date(s) and variables

      Hello all,


      Hopefully someone can help me with my problem. I want to make a forcast of some data.

      I have: DayNumbers, WeekNumbers, MonthNumbers and YearNumbers in my qvw.


      I want to create a forcast for one week ahead (now week 34 so want to see week 35). This works for now, but how do I create this if week 52 OR 53 goes to week 1. How do I set the year number +1 ?


      What I did:

      Variable: vNextWeek / =Week(Today())+1

      Set analysis: sum({$<Categories={'SLA'}, WeekNumber={$(=vNextWeek)}, Afdeling={'Infrastructure System'}, YearNumber={'2015'}>}Gewerkte_Uren)


      Thanks for thinking with me.