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    Direct Discovery Script is not working in 11.2 SR5

      Hi Forums,


      I had sqlserver database and QV 11.2 SR5. Where I had table named as test_users Table with 2 column i.e. Firstname, Surname.


      In Edit Script after doing the Database Connection. Following script is written which is working fine as follows:-



      Sql Select FirstName, LastName from test_users;



      Now I want to implement the Direct Discovery Functionalty. So, I had written the following script. as follows in script editor:-



      DIRECT Select FirstName, LastName from test_users;


      Which is not runing. Showing as Syntex errow Msg which is as follows:-

      Syntax error.


      Direct Select FirstName, LastName from test_users


      Can anybody please check and tell me where I am wrong. Please help me.


      Advance Thanks