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    Problems with ADMIN Access


      Hi all,

      I've recently setup a model with Dynamic data reduction. In my test environment (my laptop) everything is happy, the different logins work correctly.

      I've moved the model to our server and for some reason the Admin user account get's an 'Access to this Qlikview Document is Denied'. The rest of the logins work as in the test environment.

      Not too sure what to look at from here ...



        • Problems with ADMIN Access
          Gordon Savage

          Presumably you get the userid/password challenges before the 'Access id denied...' message?

          Is the Admin user account (on the server?) accessing the document via the plugin or thru a windows install (eg Enterprise)?

          Is the document set to strict exclusion - is it possible the Admin account has no data available to it?


            • Problems with ADMIN Access


              Thanks for your sugestions, below is my feedback.

              • Yes, I get a challenge for UserID/Pword.
              • Installation on the Server is Qlikview Professional v7.2 ; I'm using Enterpise v7.51 on my laptop.
              • The document is set to strict exlusion. I can't imagine that data is the problem though ... I took the model as is from my test environment (fully populated with data) where all the logins worked predictably.

              Could it be the difference in versions of Qlikview that are in play here?