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    Set Analysis - problem with data between a range

      Hi to all,


      could anyone help me to solve a Set Analysis issue?


      I'm using Set Analysis in Qlik Sense. I've to consider a subset of data among two selected values: "soglia_punti_min" and "soglia_punti_max".


      Between a range (selected by users through two different filters) I have to count the number of customers that has more than the start-value ("soglia_punti_min") and less than the end-value (soglia_punti_max).


      Due to a problem with the customers data (wrong codes, double customers...) I need to count CliDescr even though I've to summarize points using CliCode.


      This is my expression that works well considering ONLY the start-value of the range:



              {$ <CliCode =


              {"=sum(CliP_PuntiScontrino) >= [soglia_punti_min]"} >}






      I've tried to implement this:



              {$ <CliCode =


              {"=sum(CliP_PuntiScontrino) >= [soglia_punti_min]  <=[soglia_punti_max]"} >}




      ..but it doesn't work.


      Thanks a lot for your suggestions.