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    How to perform calculations at more granular level than dimensions in chart

    Joe Kovach

      I am trying to build up a chart that summarizes information at a level different than the level required to perform the calculation in the expression.


      So for instance, I have 100 policyholders across 5 products.  I need to calculate an expression by each of the 100 policyholders (let's call it Face Amount), but I only want to see the sum of those amounts by 5 products I'm bringing in as a dimension.  Each policy holder has their own Rate (call it Mortality Rate) I need to multiply a number by, which is why I need to do this calculation for each one.  I have a pretty complex data structure so it'd be preferable not to bring this calculation in as a measure, but I realize I could do that to eliminate the issue entirely.


      Is there a way just to do it in a Straight Table?


      Basically the sum of Face Amount * Mortality Rate (for each policyholder).


      Thanks in advance!