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    Calculated Dimension

    Cassandra Baqir

      I have a straight table with PROG_PORT as the dimension and several expressions. I've filtered the expressions using an if statement but I am still seeing a line for some PROG_PORT that I don't want to show up so I think I need to filter the dimension.


      Dimension (I don't want the following to show up at all 'Minor Project', 'O&M', 'Administration',  'Not Classified', 'N/A'):

      =if(PROG_PORT=('Minor Project' or 'Administration'),null(),PROG_PORT)


      Example expression: =count(DISTINCT{$<REQ_STATUS={'Open'},PROJ_PROP_CAT={'Project'},DISPLAY_STATUS-={'Close Out'}, PROG_PORT-={'Minor Project', 'O&M', 'Administration',  'Not Classified', 'N/A'}, PRIORITY_TIER={'A', 'AE', 'B', 'C'}, DELIVERY_TIER-={'Bronze'}>} REQUEST_ID)


      How should I adjust my Dimension so that 'Minor Project', 'O&M', 'Administration',  'Not Classified', 'N/A' are not displayed at all?