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    Qlikview Extension - SelectTextsInColumn

    Patric Amatulli

      Hi folk,


      I am encountering a problem when I try to select multiple values in multiple fields via extension.

      The problem is that for the first 2 fields it is working fine, but when it comes to the 3thd field i get an updating message error from qlikview:

      UDATING TRY AGAIN message....Is it going to fast? How I can avoid such behaviour?

      Is there a limitation when I try to select multiple fields value from an extension, where multiple means >2 fields.


      Thanks for your help!


      This is the snippet .js code which I use for that purpose:


      //PAM: Parse QvKey, and set Selection based on the Dimension behind the extension

                  for(var i=0; i< splitted.length-1; i++){


                      //PAM: Split Key and Values

                      keyEntry =splitted[i];  

                      pos = splitted[i].indexOf(':');

                      selectedValues = keyEntry.substring(pos+1);

                      selectedField =  keyEntry.substring(0, pos);          


                      //PAM: Loop the dimensions setting in the extension              

                      for(var j=0; j< _this.Data.HeaderRows[0].length-1; j++)


                          //PAM: Check if the KeyField is equal to the dimension field


                              //PAM: Apply selection, whereby the Values have to be converted into an array for multiple values selection

                               _this.Data.SelectTextsInColumn(j, true,valuesToArray(selectedValues));

                               //HERE I APPLY THE SELECTION IN QLIK!