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    How to check the server licence expiry date

    Ferha Jafri

      Hello Everyone,


      I want to know that how we can find the expiry date for Qlikview server , I am not concerned about the desktop licence lease I want to know the server installed on the client machine expiry date i.e till what time they could use it.


      Thank you



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          Peter Cammaert

          I'm not sure I understand your question.

          On average, a QlikView server is not installed on a client machine but on server hardware. QlikView server only occasionally has a license that expires (mostly for evaluation) and you can check the expiration date in the QlikView Management Console on QMC->System->Licenses->QlikView Server->QlikView Server License in the text area in the middle (LEF). If the text area contains a TIMELIMIT entry, then your QlikView Server License is due to expire on the indicated date.