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    Barchart - in 3D, the height of a column does not correspond to the value !?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a very straightforward issue:

      I have a barchart based on an Excel list - not an original list that our employees work in, but one I typed off because it's a one-off thing.

      Because of this, I wanted the chart to look a bit more stylish than usual.

      It is a simple barchart because I wanted to stack segments on top of one another which is more difficult in the combochart.


      => Now, when I select a simple 2D design, the height of one column (which is not stacked) corresponds pretty exactly to the value that I get when I hover over the segment.

      <=> When I switch to a more stylish 3D design (square or round, does not really matter), it does not -. even worse:

           - When I select a round 3D design, the column reaches up to nearly the line of 1.1 mio, whereas the value is slightly over that mark
              => that is still ok.

           - When I select a square 3D design, the column reaches pretty exactly to the line of 1.0 mio - which is not okay anymore (the next
              line, the 1.1mio, is about half a centimeter above it) ...


      Has anyone experienced this before? Is this a bug with the design or is there some underlying reason connected with the data?

      I can of course attach three screenshots for you (all three derived from the exact same set of data), but they wouldn't show anything else than I am telling you).


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,