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    Logaritmic scale, values disapear?

      Hi guys, I've got a little issue with a scatter chart. I want to use a log scale for a scatter chart, it works for the x-axis. But when I gottle it for the y-axis all the values within my graph disappear. Any idea what could cause this behaviour?


      For another graph, exactly the same, only data from another sample. It does work.

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          Mikael Scorielle


          Could you share your app/data/screenshots?

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              Left and right are exactly the same constructed. Same data source etc. The ONLY difference is that Operator is different for the other graph...



              X-Axis: Count({<operator={'AAA'}>} DISTINCT status_remarks)/count({<operator={'AAA'}>}DISTINCT ac_registr)


              Y-Axis: i=if(operator= 'AAA',total_hours)









              total_hours are numbers. Status_remarks is a unique code which I use to count what task is performed on what aircraft and what date.

              Now the left graph its Y-axis does not go logarithmic. When I check that box, the scatter points disappear. (no, they dont just go out of range )