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    Set Analysis multiple rows

    Cassandra Baqir


      I read this and now I think I need an alternative:


      Limitation: take care, a set analysis is calculated once per chart (or table). NOT once per row. If you

        want a different result in your set analysis according to the row being calculated and displayed, it will NOT


      work. Change the way to compute your data (model, if statement) but forget the set analysis.


      I have a straight table that shows counts by different statuses using set analysis but I'm seeing values that don't make sense and I think it's because I am using set analysis for each expression.


      For example, the Open Count expression is: =count(DISTINCT{$<REQ_STATUS={'Open'}>} REQUEST_ID) and the On Hold expression is: count(DISTINCT{$<REQ_STATUS={'On Hold'}>} REQUEST_ID)


      I have of a list box for REQ_STATUS that if a user selects 'Open', I would expect the 'On Hold' count to be 0, but this is not the case.


      Would something like the following be the correct expression for On Hold Count instead? count(if(Match(REQ_STATUS,'On Hold')>0,1,0))