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    NPrinting on-Demand Report in Queue

      When user generates NPrinting reports it goes to NPrinting extension Queue.  Next time User logon to dashboard in QlikView, he or she still can see it..

      I wanted to know where those generated documents for each user gets stored?

      is that gets stored on NPrinting output or temp folder somewhere or gets stored in shared files?

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          Frank Savino

          For detailed technical information regarding the Ajax On Demand component please visit the link below:


          NPrinting 16 On-Demand: Supported Environments and Requirements

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              This is very useful article...  I think I need to be more clear on what I am asking here.. We have NPrinting service running under NPrintingTadm service account.... User generates on-Demand report from access point QlikView document. That reports sits in queue on that document which is only local to that user. Other user will have their own copy of document etc...  When They login next time , they still see that report in queue.  Where is this report gets save on server and can Admin delete old reports or it will be only user who can remove from Queue.  I read this from article, I believe when reports gets generated, it goes to client.db of NPrintingTadm service account I believe. I could not find this client.db at this location for this service account



              A request list is persistent in a file saved in the user folder (%AppData%\Roaming\NPrinting\ODS\ods-client.db). This means that the list will be persistent even if the web browser (or the QlikView desktop) is closed or the machine is rebooted