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    Short order and null values


      I create a pivot table whit 3 dimensions and for each dimension is defined an order, the pivot table don´t clear ceros or null values so we can always see the report structure.

      The problem is, when the expresion isn't cero the order is correct, but whe the expresion is cero the order is worng like

      Dimemensio 1 Dimension 2 Dimension 3 Result

      Ingresos Ventas A 1500

      Ingresos Ventas B 3000

      Ingresos Ventas C 1000


      when exist 0 value:

      Ingregos Ventas B 0

      Ingresos Ventas A 2000

      Ingresos Ventas C 100.


      Any idea to solve the problem.

      Thanks a lot.