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    Unpublish a app

      Hi all,


      I have published an app in a qlik sense server. I need to update some sheets in the app.

      Now, to update i need to duplicate the sheet and update and again i want to publish.

      But after i publish, it is listing under "published by me" but old sheets are listing under "base sheets".

      1. How can i add this sheet to under "base sheets" with same name by deleting the old sheet with same name.


      2. can i unpublish the complete app, and publish it later. is there any way?




        • Re: Unpublish a app

          Hi Pramod,


          We dont any option like unpublish.


          If you want to unpublish the app, you have to delete that app


          If there are any changes done like added sheets or something on the published app, If you want to add those changes goto QMC-> start->Apps and click on the app and in downside options click on publish and select your app and overwrite the app.