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    Multiple-multiple events as triggers for a QV Publisher task



      I have a doubt on how to correctly use the "On multiple events" kind of trigger.

      Let me explain my case.


      I have one external task ET1 which trigger, on success, 2 other tasks, named DocA and DocB.

      Then, after DocA and DocB have finished their refresh, I want a second external task ET2 to be triggered, whatever results DocA and DocB have obtained (success for both, failure for both, or one failed and the other one successed)


      ET2 has to be trigger in every case, but not before DocA AND DocB has finished.


      So I put 4 Triggers "On Multiple Events" on ET2, to cover each case. But it doesn't seem to work like this, cause my External Task is never triggered.


      If I just leave one trigger, it is just fine.


      So my questions:

           * When you have several "OME" triggers, does Publisher consider making and "AND" connection between them ?

           * Is there a way for me to trigger my task as I want to, that means after the last reload finished ? (Task Dependency is not OK, cause it takes only "Success" into account)