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    qvw query - user access

    Stephen Verso

      Hi All,


      I have a .qvw file that needs to be shared to users who have a named user license as we are currently not using a server base.


      The ideal scenario and the end result I am looking for - a user will open the .qvw file from their desktop with the most recent refresh of information from the qvd.


      Without me refreshing the master file and saving it on a daily basis, is there another way that this can happen automatically? So each user is looking at the same information and they do not have different versions of it.


      Maybe I am looking at this from the wrong perspective and open to other suggestions you may have.


      Separately but on the same note to this query, I can put the qvw file into another programme that will do an auto refresh but this qvw will be buried in this programme and is not user friendly to access. Different licenses (non qlikview) are needed to access this software too.


      Many thanks.