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    Sales for ongoing year and compare with previous year

      Hi guys,


      There are 2 things I am trying to go but it looks I need a bit help:


      I'm trying to build a dashboard for my sales team, I'm connected to db where the timestamp of my orders is mentionned in OrderDate


      1. I want to get the sales of the ongoinf year but the formula below returns '0'


      Sum({$<OrderDate = {$(=year(Max(OrderDate)))}>} Sales) - What am I doing wrong here?


      I have to uses Max(OrderDate) instead of today() As I am working with sample data from 2008



      2. I also want to compare the data of sales of the ongoing year with the data of the year before at the same day


      For example: On 1/6/2008 I want the total of sales from 1/1/2008 until 1/6/2008 but I also want to know the sales of 1/1/2007 until 1/6/2007


      Thank you for your help