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    number of Dots in Scatter Chart don't match number of rows in table



      I have a straight table tied to an inline table which has values (all, 5, 10).


      I've written a expression to read off of aninline table to only show the top 5 rows(based on rank).  The expression works great - when I click on 5 - only 5 rows show.


      On the same tab - I have a scatter plot - when I click 5 and my straight table reduces to 5 - I would expect my scatter plot to reduce to 5 dots as well - however, it stays the same.  I've also tried adding the same expression to the chart, but it doesn't seem to help.


      if I then select the 5 rows in the table, the chart then gets updated.


      Is there a way to have my chart update to 5 dots when I click on the inline table?


      Any help/guidance is much appreciated!