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    using one calendar for 2 different base dates?

      Hi guys,

      I'm pretty new to the QV forum but judging from what I've seen so far this is a great place to hang out at :)

      I'm also pretty new to the Qlikview program and haven't got the full picture yet of what's possible or not..

      Currently I'm building a report of our shipments out and how we are performing. First I want to measure our deliveries against the shipment deadline (This is my base date for the calendar to use in charts) but I also want to create charts based on our first promised delivery date, which is found in the same table as the deadline date.

      What I've done is to basically copy my first calendar and then used the first promise date as base, but what happens then in the application is that if a period is chosen in the "deadline report" it doesn't follow into the "first promise report" and on top of that messes up the data since the two dates are in the same table.


      I'm open to restructuring my code, but I need som ideas of how to get around this.

      Many thanks in advance,