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    Regarding_Named Cals Disappeared in QMC

      Dear All,

      I am facing an issue at client end ,Named  CALs user list  keep disappeared from QEMC in Qlikview 11 SR2.I am unable to add or View Cals. User not able to see any Qvw
      Same issue encountered in last month but resolved by following steps
      1. Backup of pgo files.
      2. Stop all qlikview services
      3. Delete all Pgo  file after taking backup.
      4. Apply Qlikview License
      5. Restart the Server and Services.
      Same Procedure followed today ,Now users are able to see all the Qvw , But  still no cals appear in the server.


      Please find the attachment of error file generated when try to apply  any cals
      Any help would be appreciated.
      Shweta  Singh
      BI Consultant