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    NPrinting report to TV screens in office space?



      We're getting NPrinting soon and I was wondering if anybody can share their knowledge to do the following.


      I would like to share a report generated with NPrinting on our office screens and the reports shown there should update themselves (= no manual work is necessary at all) every 30 minutes.

      The issue is here not so much how to reload the data into Qlikview but the following process how, in what format and to where the report should be sent from NPrinting (based on the frequently updated Qlikview data) to the screen.


      The solution we use for the screens is Watson from hibox.tv. It's possible there to show a webpage and reload that webpage frequently.


      For safety reasons, the report should be saved on the Qlikview server. Is there something NPrinting offers out of the box? I read that NPrinting can save reports to folders, but how to access those files then with the TV screen software (which again, is able to display webpages)?

      Do I need to set up a webserver on the server to make the files accessible? And if so, how safe is that?


      Looking forward to hear your ideas or how you have solved this.