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    Qlikview ->Bex query issue


      I am using SAP OLAP connector 5.7 to connect to BW.  When I ran Bex Query from Qlikview, I got 0 records returned, but if I run the same query in SAP Bex Analyzer with same selection criteria,  got many records returned.


      here is the script segement in Qlikview and selection criteria are highlighted. Only mandary variables are used.



      Load *;

      Select PseudoMDX D (

      Dimensions (

        [0ACTTYPE] (),

        [0COMPONENT] (),

        [0COMP_CODE] (),

        [0COSTCENTER] (),

        [0COSTELMNT] (),

        [0CO_AREA] (),

        [0HERKU] (),

        [0MATERIAL] (),

        [0MATL_GROUP] (),

        [0PRODORDER] (),

        [0PROD_HIER] (),

        [0VTDETAIL] (),

        [0VTYPE] (),

        [0ACT_UNIT] (),

        [0CURRENCY] (),

        [0UNIT] ()),

      Measures (

        [8KDOA2DDSLDYNFCTHL7R1CVQQ].[8KDOA2DDSLDYNFCTHL7R1E3ZM], //Activity quantity






        [8KDOA2DDSLDYNFCTHL7R1CVQQ].[8KDOA2DDSLDYNFCTHL7R1DXO2]), //Variable quantity

      Variables (

        [0I_PLANT] (I [0PLANT].[0]:[0PLANT].[ZP]),

        [0I_FYPER] (I [0FISCPER].[K42013001]:[0FISCPER].[K42015008])


      From (0PC_M10/0PC_M10_Q005));