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    How to remove qliksense extension


      I m new in qliksense..so plz help me to understand some basic things..I want to create one qliksense app. And want to deploy on qliksense cloud.. My problem is

      On cloud qliksense extension object does not work.. So what are the objects available in qliksense ..as well how to create cyclic group in qliksense without extension..and is it possible to create in section access in qliksense desktop..kindly help me

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          Andy Weir

          a few questions here"


          1. Qlik Sense extensions do not work currently on the Qlik Cloud.  If you need to use them in your dashboard and deploy to a set of usees then Qlik Sense Sever is what you should be using.


          2. Out out theboss as it were all available visualisation types are on the left hand side of your design view.  If you want more go to QLik BRanch and look at what extensions have been created to date.


          3. Section access is supported in Sense,


          4. At the moment you can create drill down groups in master itemsashen creating a new dimension.   I was able to mimic cyclic drill down by using the qsVariable extension and creating buttons for each of my views then using the variable selected to define my dimension and measures in a given chart.  Used it to switch reporting calendars in my case.



          HOpe this helps





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              Thank for your reply Andy,

              but without extension is not possible to create Cyclic Group is qliksense ?

              and how to check that particular object is not an extension.

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                  Andy Weir

                  at the moment I've only seen the drill down caperbility out the box so at the moment no it's not possible to create a cyclic group unless yousimulate using an extension like I suggested.


                  A few ways to check if you are using an extension in your dashboard.


                  1. Most extensions have a little jigsaw piece icon next to its name on the left hand side of the design pannel as they are not official objects.


                  2. To testhw here you have extensions in use in your dashboards either remove all your extensions from your folder and open the dashboard if the supporting extension is not present the chart will display an invalid visualisation message.


                  3 upload to cloud again as extensions are not supported the charts that display are standard the ones that go red and say invalid visualisation are extension based.


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