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    Remove Sense toolbar in client app

    Eliran Sanor

      Hi All,


      I'm interested in knowing three things today:

      1. How do I remove the toolbar from an existing sense app deployed in the server?
        1. I need to embed the app in a different environment, for that, I would like the end customer to see the app without the toolbar (sheet selection, hub menu, etc.) , starting from the current selections / search frame.
        2. I'm searching for something like How to hide the tool bar in AJAX for one document but for the sense platform.
        3. something like that:temp.PNG
      2. How do I edit the Form login page? (add customer logo, insert text, etc. )
      3. In the form login, can I let users get in without the domain? (hard coding it when editing the form page is a good solution if it can be done)


      Thanks & Regards,