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    How to Create Conditional Color in Qliksense


      I want to Show Total sales in text object  in qliksense... and i want Conditional Color that if Sales for this Year is Greater than Last Year

      than Show Green either show Red.. i m using a KPI object Conditional Color Option but its not showing a Proper Color based on Condition.. so kinldy help me how to do that ... I can only use normal object not an Extension..

      Expre..=if(Num(sum({$<fYear = {$(=Max(fYear))}>}amount)/10000000,'#,##0.00Cr')>Num(sum({$<fYear = {$(=Max(fYear)-1)}>}amount)/10000000,'#,##0.00Cr'),Green(),Red()) .... this Condition is working fine in Qlikview Text object ... kinldy Help me