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    QMC : Avoid auto login connection



      To connect to the QMC we currently use the standard url "http://serveur:4780/QMC/default.htm". The problem I have is the following. We uses special windows account to do the administration of QV that are different from our windows account that we use to connect the network on our workstations (we have 2 windows account). As QV tries to connect to the QMC automatically with the current windows account when launching the QMC with a shortcut, we get the following error message "Access Denied - Membership of local security groups is missing". This is "normal" because QV tries to connect with the "current" windows account which is not defined in the QV Administrators group on the server (it is the windows "special" account which is defined in this group). The alternative solution we currently use is to execute IE with the "Run as..." functionnality and execute it with the "special Windows account".

      The question is : Is there any parameter to change to avoid the auto login functionnality or is there any alternative URL to use (as it exists for the Access Point when using "http:// http://serveur/qlikview/login2.htm" or any other solution ?


      Thanks by adavance for your help.