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    Effective Date, Sequence Effective in the script

      Good morning, this is my first post on the forum I hope to be posting in the right area.



      I'm learning to work with QlikView but caught at one point and I hope you can help me.



      I have two tables:



      tab_mov_acad - With has the status of my students for effective date, effective sequence.

      tab_mov_acad_detalhes_desnormalizada - This table'm desnormalizando day by day my records as a basis for analysis.




      For me to find out what the status of my student in a "date" (column) in the database I use the code:


      select a.acao,



        from tab_mov_acad a,

               tab_mov_acad_detalhes_desnormalizada b

        and a.data_efetiva = ( select max(c.effdt)

                                          from tab_mov_acad c

                                        where c.data_efetiva <= b.data

                                            and a.cod_pessoa = c.cod_pessoa

                                            and a.nivel_ensino = c.nivel_ensino

                                            and a.stdnt_car_nbr = c.stdnt_car_nbr

                                            and a.programa = c.programa)

        and a.sequencia_efetiva = ( select max(e.data_efetiva)

                                                    from tab_mov_acad e

                                                  where b.data_efetiva  = e.data_efetiva

                                                      and a.cod_pessoa    = e.cod_pessoa

                                                      and a.nivel_ensino  = e.nivel_ensino

                                                      and a.stdnt_car_nbr = e.stdnt_car_nbr

                                                      and a.programa      = e.programa)   



      Can help me?

      grateful Victor