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    Calculation Condition for Sense Extension

      What is the proper method for adding a calculation condition to the property panel of a Qlik Sense visualization extension?


      The Qlik Sense for Developers help document states that the Add-ons properties section may be reused and includes:

      • Data handling (section)
      • Reference lines (section)


      The data handling section includes two properties:

      • Show zero values (boolean)
      • Calculation condition (expression)


      I have tried to reuse the entire predefined Add-ons section in my extension by adding the following code to the properties panel definition:


      addons: {

          uses: "addons"

      However, when the Add-ons section is expanded, none of the predefined sections or properties are visible:


      Am I missing something here?

      Also, is it possible to add only the calculation condition property itself, without it having to be contained within the data handling and Add-ons sections?