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    Advanced Section Access (Data Reduction) based on a value in any of 4 fields

      Initial Set up: Suppose I have 4 Fields: F1,F2,F3 and F4 which can contain a finite number of values: A,B,C...etc.


      Main Question:   How to use section access/dynamic data reduction to allow a particular user to see any rows where a particular value appears in any of the 4 fields above.  For example:  Reduce data for a particular user to any rows where F1 = A OR F2 = A OR F3 = A or F4 = A...


      What I have already tried:


      1) My first thought was to try and create a composite field to be used for reduction: F1&'-'F2&'-'&F3&'-'&F4 AS REDUCTION_FIELD and somehow be able to "search" for a particular reducing value in the reduction field (ie *A*).  However, this does not work because the * ' s in this case are read as literal strings values as opposed to wildcards in the section access file.


      2) I have already successfully implemented the complex authorization in this post (Basics for complex authorization) on 3 other fields and thought of just adding the 4 other fields to the mix.  However, I ruled this out because my authorization bridge table would require 2^7 = 128 loads and it would continue to double with each additional field I would need to add to section access in the future.


      Right now, I'm thinking of using option #2 but write a UDF to automatically generate the authorization bridge table based on a set of reduction field inputs.


      Any other ideas?