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    allow anonymous users to export data

    Alexander Korsikov

      Hi everyone.

      I need to allow anonymous users to export data.

      What I tried to do.

      Created secure rules:

      1. Anon can create temp content


      2. Anon can do export



      but i can't export data from application and see error message "access denied"

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          Alexander Karlsson

          Hey Alexander,


          This is currently a limitation and considered a bug. The reason why you are seeing the access denied error is that we tag any files in /temp/ against a user and then match that against requesting user which does not work anonymous users.


          There are currently no workarounds for it unless you authenticate your users.


          That was the bad news, good news is that R&D is working on the bug and it has been assigned internally.
          Which usually means that it makes the cut quality wise it will ship in the next release (not september)

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              Alexander Korsikov

              today i'm user Qlik Sense 2.2.3 but steel can't export date with anonymous login. Addition for two security rules i'm allow full permision for folder ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\TempContent\ but nothing changed. And in FLY_Audit_Repository.txt not contain any record about this.

              in Engine log FLY_Service_Engine.txt

    ;Result=403;ResultText=Error: Forbidden5762ad4a-a17c-4d21-99f2-bea42e177f7af58ff87d-e148-4be0-8e94-85dfad6fc49b145NONEanonymous2506bb8b-35bb-48e3-b9b3-ff5fcb528da50Not availableEngineGenericObject::ExportDataGenericObject::ExportData403REST HTTP error62104771-45b8-419d-842c-7a8ff8730af8


              21220160329T162434.188+0300INFOFlySystem.Engine.Engine1408c5e0380-884c-42c4-b083-afcea4b3c94bNT AUTHORITY\SYSTEMREST: QRS response code 403 for path /qrs/tempcontent/create?filename=9a542308-0de5-44b0-a89d-a9b11b250793.xlsx&expires=600&serveonce=false5762ad4a-a17c-4d21-99f2-bea42e177f7aNONEanonymous2506bb8b-35bb-48e3-b9b3-ff5fcb528da520160329T162434.188+03004104394020160329T113130.000+0300



              I think that this is a problem in the QRS.

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                Andy Dietler

                Any idea if this was ever fixed? Running in to the same issue.

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                Alexander Korsikov

                addition found answer Qlik Support team on my request

                " Exporting of data or apps is currently not supported in QlikSense. No current plan to make this available has been announced."