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    External Web Server - Authentication on AD?

    Aaron Couron

      We are setting up a separate server outside the company firewall to house a QVWS to serve QlikView to users that are working remotely.  We are doing this so they do not require a VPN to access QlikView.  These are employees, therefore we are hopefully avoiding the whole conversation regarding extranet.  This client is on SBE without publisher and uses active directory to authenticate their users. Obviously, the AD is behind the company firewall. We are using Digital Certificates to talk between the two machines.


      The problem we are anticipating is authentication.  Still using AD, is there a way for the new QVWS to authenticate the external users?  If so, does anybody have some specific documentation on these methods?


      Also, should we have 2 QVWS instances? I am thinking we might still need one to cover internal users and one for the external users.


      Any advice on this is much appreciated.