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    GetCurrentField vs Set Analysis

    Cassandra Baqir

      I have a chart that has two expressions:


      Calculate Total Spend to Date:



      Calculate current fiscal year spend:



      I have a new requirement that instead of hard coding the current fiscal year in the expression, the user shall be able to select the Fiscal Year (FY) from the list box (FISCAL_YEAR not FISCAL_YEAR_NUM) and the total displayed should show the total for only the selected year(s).


      I thought I could use =GetCurrentField(FISCAL_YEAR) instead of {$<FISCAL_YEAR_NUM={$(=$(vCurFY))}>} but that doesn't seem to work. I know that this is simple but my brain just isn't connecting the dots today.


      Sample Attached. For example, clicking on FY16 (the current FY) works but FY15 does not.