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    Performance Issue

    Patric Amatulli

      Hi all,


      i have strange scenario at one of my customers.

      We have setup a Qlikview Environment with a SBE Server:

      - 32 GB RAM

      - Multicore processor


      We published a Qlikview App with a relative small amount of data, where the Fact Table has more less 1.000.000 of records.


      There are SOME users when they performing a time based query in Qlikview, i.e. selection of multiple years, who have a severe performance issue, that means they have to wait between 15-30 sec. till the object and data are refreshed.


      But launching the same query from other workstation's in Qlikview takes just 2 second of time. We are accessing it via Qlikview Ajax Client.


      The server is not overloaded during the action:

      - 10 Gigabyte of RAM are still available when we launch the query from that specific workstation

      - Less CPU are used during the calculation


      Somebody could give me a hint for further investigations I could make?

      We have tried to use a laptop in that office with the same LAN connection and it works fast.


      Are there some specific client requirements?

      As far as the calculation and processing of the requests of the Client has be done by the Qlikview Server ....




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          Clever Anjos

          Which version of browser are your users using?

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            Kwok Chong

            Another area would be the number of charts and objects on the screen when the selection is done.


            Due to the way ajax works, it will not be as performant as the plugin. It seems that compared to the plugin, the Ajax client requires more of the data to be returned before the objects and charts can be rendered. Depending the complexity of the sheet, this can add up significantly.

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              Colin Albert

              Could cacheing explain some of the differences?

              You make a new set of selections on a machine and the selection takes 15-30 sec as the selections are new and not cached; when you then test the same selections on another machine, the results are delivered from the cache so appear faster.


              What version of QlikView are you using?

              Is the slow performance related to table charts that display a large number of rows?

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                  Patric Amatulli



                  thanks all for the replies.

                  I just had a remote session with the customer and I performed some tests.

                  As stated from Albert, I suspect the time differences in the response time were in fact that Qlikview has cached the result set.


                  Indeed the main issue of the slow response time is depending on the number of UI obeject displaying on the sheet.

                  I have tried to remove for testing purpose different charts and the performance were good. Thanks to Know Chong for the hint.


                  The original sheet has many different UI objects (pivot table, straight table, graphs and so on) which are hided and displayed using variable depending on the need of the enduser


                  I have a question regarding the calculation of each chart:

                  - Is the calculation be done also when the charts are hided?

                  - Instead if I minimize the objects it could help me to improve the response time, as I understood the calculation will be not performed for minimized objects....is that truth?

                  - What could help me to improve the performance ?


                  Thanks to all for the help!

                  I appreciate very much!



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                  Patric Amatulli



                  just for Info the Performance Problem were related to the complex Expressions I had in the chart.

                  I moved the logic from GUI to Script and now it is much better.


                  Thanks to all,