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    Is bidirectional intervalmatch possible?

    Darrin Pilkington


      I understand how intevalmatch works but my problem is when the value overlaps two intervals. I have created my Bridge Table and and join to remove synthetic keys but this only gives half the solution.


      We have customers with Plans and Features on those plans.  The features can overlap from on plan to the next.

      My interval match shows the feature FBASIC when the plan P800 is selected because the fStartDt is between the plans pStartDt and pEndDt but feature overlaps into the next plan P1500.


      In some fashion am I to do a second pass on intervalmatch going from the plans pStartDt between the features dates?



      1234P800Plans800 Plan7/25/20158/4/2015
      1234P1500Plans1500 Plan8/4/2015





      1234FBASICFeaturesBasic Add-On7/25/20159/30/2015


      Thank you