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    Percentage Value on Data Point - Stacked Bar chart

    Ashley Casselman

      In the attached sample doc, I'm using a stacked bar chart to show counts of customers with positive vs negative sales.  Customers with positive sales show above the 0 mark and companies with negative sales show below.  I also want to show the % of total customers per month in the 'positive' above each month's bar.  I added a 3rd expression to do this, but the value I'm getting is the count of the positive customers plus 1 (is it adding the percentage value to the count and rounding?? if so why??).  However, in the pop-up text, i'm getting the correct percentage value.


      Can anyone help me figure out how to get the accurate percentage to show on the chart?


      P.S. I have been able to get closer to what i want, but then it was showing the same (positive) !percentage above and below.  I want either the corresponding percentage above/below, or just the positive percentage (since the inverse can be inferred)