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    Drill down group does not work properly on heatmap in Access Point

    tara olsen

      I have a heat map that has the drill down group Vendor-> description-> code description-> distribution center -> location . The drill through works great on the desktop ( there is a minor glitch with the other grouping but this disappears on SP10) , but gets glitchy in access point.

      In Access point , the heatmap appears and shows me vendor ( just like it should), but when I click on a vendor name  it shows me one box with the vendor name.... not the next level which is description.

      If  I click on the one box that appears it goes back to the vendor heatmap and then I can click on a vendor name and on click  it will go to the description level ...... so it does go there.. eventually , but not in the proper path.

      This also seems to be occuring in the 3D charts also , although it is not happening in standard bar charts.


      Any help would be great!