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    Qlik scripting NPV solution

      Here's a tricky one...


      Using this equation:


      RangeSum(NPV(Discount, -Payments + Income, Investment)

      Say I had:


      RangSum ( NPV ( 0.08, ( -X + 140000 ) , 50000 )  = 85000


      where the payments and income were generated over 12 years......


      Can I solve this equation for X ?


      I would prefer to solve it in the script using inputs from a single line table like this.


      Load * Inline






      Any recommendations?



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          arjun rao

          Hi Can you attac the sample qvw with th data. Thank you.

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            Maxim Senin

            Hi Mike,


            Not sure I understand your purpose since QV takes only two parameters for NPV - discount rate and cash flow for all the preriods.

            The simple present value is calculated as: Cash Flow / ((1 + Discount Rate) ^ No. of periods), so if you are looking for cash flow you just need to multiply your NPV by ((1 + Discount Rate) ^ No. of periods).


            Best regards,


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                Thanks for the reply Maxim,


                You have me thinking that I may have overthought this one.


                The thing is I know the incoming part of the cash flow (Benefits) but not the payments. So according to your rationale I  thought that would be:


                Benefits - Payments = NPV * ((1 + Discount Rate) ^ No. of periods)


                Payments = NPV * ((1 + Discount Rate) ^ No. of periods) + Benefits


                Using this Im getting a payments figure far in excess of my benefits so Im not sure this is correct. Note that I am first creating a table that discount the year on year benefits and summing them to get the properly discounted benefit value. Your logic makes sense, but can you see where I might go wrong with my approach?


                Thanks Mike