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    Show last months data.

    Amith Murali

      hi guys,


      In my dashboard, i have to show the inventory values. It is calculated on a monthly basis. we cannot sum up all the months data as it will duplicate. so for example if i want to show the august months data, i have to select august month.


      Here is the situation. Let us assume that today is sept 1, and the data in the db will be till august only . as i have used the formula " sum({<Year = {$(=max(Year))}, NumMonth = {"$(vMaxNumMonth)"}>} StockValue) ".


      (where vMaxNumMonth =max({<Year = {"$(vMaxYear)"}>}NumMonth))

      The stock values will be updated only in the end of the month. so when the date is 1st september, the stock charts will show no data. but i need to show them the august data. But when they select the august month, it should show august stock value not the july stockvalue.