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    Depreciation margin Curve in a Line Chart


      I have a Line chart in which my expression is :

      Aggr (Sum (FN1),[Day/Month/Year],FN2)

      Where FN1 = the quantity vale,  FN2= type of product.


      1.I am require to present the Depreciation (how much waste I have in Qty and presented between the start point and the end point), as an additional line (expression) on the existing chart. In excel chart it is easy to add the linear line to a graphic chart, I am sure QV can make the same but HOW?


      The Depreciation  should simple show the Depreciation margin Curve, the delta line.


      2. Another optional solution will be to show, in the same daily qty input chart. a line which will present the material waste which mean the latest value minus the first value (for flexible periods according to the user selects line from date table  like , last year, last 14 months, last 3 weeks and so on - the qty input value is on a daily base). This delta, will show the Depreciation margin , my product waist.

      (My product is a liquid which evaporated in time).

      Please Help


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          Oleg Troyansky

          Hi Nir,


          for starters, I'm not too sure why do you need to use AGGR() in your calculation. If both Day/Month/Year and FN2 are your chart dimensions, then AGGR() is redundant. If they are not, then you need to apply another aggregation function, such as sum(), on top of the AGGR().


          With regards to your questions:


          - You add another Line to the line Chart by adding another Expression.

          - In order to calculate differences in quantities between the "current" value, the previous value and/or the first (or last) value in the chart, you can use functions Above(), Below(), Top(), and Bottom(). Check out the Help Article "Chart Inter Record Functions".


          good luck,

          Oleg Troyansky

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