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    "Bold is not a valid function" error

    Dafnis X



      After upgrade to SR12, a straight table displays an error message:

      "Bold is not a valid function"

      Did anyone encounter it?

      I can't figure the source of it.



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          Dafnis X

          I have managed to resolve the issue.

          I found chart text expression with a function bold()

          Maybe it was supported in previous versions.

          I have replaced it with '<b>'.

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              jagan mohan rao appala


              You have to give <b> for bold, <i> for Italic & <u> for underline.


              From Qlikview help file:

              Text Format

              Edit the Text Format expression to enter an attribute expression for calculating the font style of text associated with the data point (For tables: text in the table cell for each dimension cell. The calculated text format will have precedence over table style defined in the Chart Properties: Style.) The expression used as text format expression should return a string containing a '<B>' for bold text, '<I>' for italic text and/or '<U>' for underlined text. Note that = is necessary before the string.


              Hop this helps you.