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    Qliksense Security Question

      Hi guys,


      I need your advice related to QlikSense security. I would like my users to see only details of their departments, but at the same time they should be able to see the aggregates of all departments. I am not able to use section access as this will enable them to see only their department data.


      The solution is easy if users only have read access to Qliksense, but as soon as we give them edit access, they will be able to create a new chart or table to see details for other departments as well.


      The only solution I am able to come up is to enable them to create new visualizations with dimensions and measures I will provide. For example, I can define my measures using set analysis like Sum({<UserID={'$(vUser)'}>}[Sales]) so that they will only be able to create new visualizations with those measures and can only be able to see details of their departments. In the meantime, I will create charts or KPIs in the dashboard for all departments so that they can see aggregates for all departments but they should not be able to copy or modify those objects or add a new measure to the dashboard to skip the security I defined in the set analysis as above SUM statement.


      Do you know if the security setting I want is possible in Qliksense? or does anyone have any idea how to solve my issue?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Andy Weir

          the simplest solution is to have 2 dashboards.  The first contains summary data that is accessible by all departments the second contains the detail and as you have already stated shoukd have data restriction based on section access.


          HOpe this helps



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              Hi Andy,


              Thank you very much for your feedback. It seems the only possibility is to have 2 dashboard as you suggested for now unless Qlik decides to expands its security model so that we can create user roles as I defined above.

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                  Andy Weir

                  I think you will find this is standard implementation even for the QlikView product given your requirement.


                  In QlikView you have something called "Document Chaining" which allows you to link documents together giving the user a more joined up experience but like you say its not available in Sense yet.  I have seen an extension in Sense that kind of does this linking of documents at an App hub level but still needs some work before it could be used in production.


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