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    How to run report with changing Recipient List.

    Tripti Gupta

      I have created a Recipient Import Task and a Report Run Task.  Recipient are imported from Qlikview Entity.

      My recipient import list changes on weekly basis.


      I want to run and distribute the report by email for only those recipients which are imported for the week. If I add the recipient to the report run task manually, it works. But since my recipient list may change on weekly basis, I do not want to add the recipient to Report Run Task at the time of creation of report but rather is it possible that Nprinting add those recipients imported by Recipient Import Task to Report Run Task.


      I also tried to create a job, with Reload Task, Recipient Import Task and Report Run Task. But if the Report Run Task do not have recipient added manually to the Recipient, it does not distribute the report to that recipient by email.


      If someone to help me on the issue and guide me where I am wrong/ or what else I need to do ?