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    Where to Start

    Steve Nase

      I have something that I'd like to do with QlikView that I'm not sure is possible.


      I want to compare data from multiple years, quarters, or scenarios in 1 table.  For example I want to have one column of the table be the data from 2014 Q1, the second column be the data from the 2014 March Forecast and the third column to be better/worse comparison.  The rows are financial data such as revenue, and net operating profit.  What I'm trying to achieve is something like what's shown below. 


      2014 Q12014 March ForecastB/W


      To be clear, I want to be able to change 2014 Q1 (or 2014 March Forecast) and have the other columns stay as they are while updating better/worse calculations.  Is this possible?  Any direction as to where to start would be very much appreciated. Also attached is some dummy data that I've been working with.


      Thank you