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    QMC Session Collaboration unchecks after reload

    Susana Silva

      Hello everyone,


      I am having a difficulty regarding the Session Collaboration check-box in Qlikview Management Console.

      Every time a scheduled reload runs, the Session Collaboration check-box for a QV document gets unchecked automatically.


      Here is what i have done:

      • Check the Allow Session Collaboration box.



      • Check the Session Collaboration box of the intended document.



      After this, the "Share Session" option is displayed in the QV document, however every time i reload the document, this box gets unchecked, and the QV document no longer presents the "Share Session"  option.


      Is this an expected feature?

      How do i guarantee that the Session Collaboration check-box does not get unchecked after reload?


      Thank you in advance.

      Best wishes,

      Susana Silva