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    Server log file timestamp format

    Herman Li

      Hi all,

           I had 2 servers, one in US and one in UK. I am trying to use the System Monitoring QVW in both server. The System Monitoring QVW reload successfully on both servers, however, I found that in the UK Server, it got some logs from the futures, e.g. 6-Dec-2015.

      After a detail check , I found that the timestamp that captured in the log files is in different format in the UK server.

      QV Server Log.png

      I had attached both log content above. for the US Server, it is in MM/DD/YYYY format, however, in UK Server, it is in DD/MM/YYYY format and this caused the System Monitoring QVW transform the timestamp of 12/08/2015 (Which is suppose 12-Aug-2015) become 08-Dec-2015.


      Any experts here know how to make the log file in the UK server captures the timestamp the same as the US Server, i.e. MM/DD/YYYY ?


      Thanks in advance.