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    few unknown QUESTIONS

      hello guys plz help me in getting answer for few question which i faced in my interview.many thanks in advance


      1.suppose if i connected to one data source through oledb and get a table(named 1a) and connected to another data source through oledb and get another table(named 1b).now is it possible to get a different table from first data source(named 2a) or not ?


      2.when ur exporting from straight table to excel file ,if we get a error called  NULL AS VALUES(not exactly remembered that sentence) what does it means?


      3.when client accessing from access point ,if he get error WEB SERVICE ERROR what does it means

      how can we creat link b/w our server and client ? for acessing files.


      4.how  to schedule qvds and transformation qvds if ur using a 3 tier architecture.